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Teeth Whitening Northern Suburbs


Whether you’re worried about coffee stains, wine stains or just plain old yellow teeth, teeth whitening is a great option to brighten your smile. But while many people settle for supermarket brands of teeth whitening solutions, or kits purchased off the internet, you can’t beat professionally whitened teeth for quality and safety.

A home-treatment kit might seem the easier option, but it comes with more risks. When a dentist whitens your teeth, they make a mould of your teeth so that there’s no risk of your gums being burned by the whitening solution.

Trusting an expert to whiten your teeth also means you can be sure your teeth aren’t over-exposed to whitening solutions or lasers that could damage the enamel of your teeth and cause oral health problems. A dentist can also help you determine exactly why your teeth aren’t sparkling white before you undergo treatment as some tooth discolouration is caused by underlying health issues.

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