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Dr. Pavel

Dr. Pavel (Javed Mahmud)

Principal Dentist/Owner

Precision and Personalisation

Dr Pavel enjoys combining the skill of hand-eye coordination and working with each individual to achieve their desired outcomes. He likes the broad process, from diagnosing to treatment. He completed his education in his home country of Bangladesh before moving to Australia and qualifying to practice.

With a background in oral surgery, Dr Pavel is well-equipped to perform a variety of dental services including third-molar extractions and placing implant crowns. He is enrolled in a fellowship course and plans to complete a diploma certification course on dental implants.

Additionally, Dr Pavel is a member of the Australian Dental Association.

Outside of the Practice

Dr Pavel and his wife, who is an Orthodontics but doesn’t practice, have two children, a son and daughter. He is the singer in a band, performing at social gatherings to play songs from Bangladesh. In season, he also plays badminton and cricket.